Bourne Again

Bourne is back again. Matt Damon reprises his role of Jason Bourne in the fifth installment of the movie series. The super assassin is back looking for more answers about his past after a former colleague hacks the CIA and uncovers info that change everything about how Bourne thinks. Bourne joned the Treadstone program back in the beginning because he thought terrorists were responsible for his father's death, but as he finds out in the latest installment, those responsible are closer than he might think. This one is full of the usual twists, thrills and action scenes we've grown accustomed to with the series. For the most part the plot isn't too obvious until towards the second half of the movie, but you can tell that one or two characters may have ulterior motives. With the conclusion of this movie, I'll think we'll see a different Jason Bourne in the next installment. This was a good movie and I would definitely recommend seeing it.

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