Hurricane Heist Review

Hurricane Heist is a great heist movie, in that the creators did a great job of making a film that allowed them to steal moviegoers money.


If you're looking for an action movie, this probably isn't it. Sure there is action in it but it seems somewhat limited and isn't anything spectacular. If you're looking for great special effects, keep looking. This one reminds me Twister, with a heist thrown in. The effects in this movie almost feel right in line with Twister as well. Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoyed Twister, but we all know about the special effects in that movie. I won't spoil it, but there is a certain scene in Hurricane Heist that seems very poorly put together (you'll know it when you see it). With a total budget of $35 million, it doesn't seem like they had much to spend on special effects. The idea of a movie about a heist during a hurricane is good in theory, I guess, but in reality there wasn't much substance. If you have time to waste and you're bored, you could check this one out. Otherwise you won't miss much.

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